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Crafty DIY Hacks to Turn Trash into Treasures for Your Home

We scour the boards of Pinterest to find the craftiest DIY hacks to turn our trash into little treasures for your home.

With Hong Kong generating more than 10,000 tonnes of rubbish each day – the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools – and the city’s three outdoor landfill sites expected to reach capacity by 2020, it’s critical that we take action to reduce our waste in the 852. And while shopping at zero waste stores, recycling our packaging, and reducing our consumption of single-use plastic are all excellent ways of tackling the matter, we felt inspired to scour the boards of Pinterest to find the craftiest DIY hacks to turn our trash into little treasures for the home.


Wine Bottles

Who doesn’t love a bit of mood lighting to set the tone for the evening in their cosy home? From Gothic style candle stands to enchanting fairy light holders, and hanging lanterns for a super chic vibe, there are plenty of ways to give your wine bottles a new lease of life around the place.

Want something more practical? Then how about a home for your house plants and bangles? Even your beer bottles can make lovely olive oil and vinegar containers with a little jazzing up – and the tight seals promise to keep your condiments extra fresh and long-lasting if they are more perishable.



It’s not only wine bottles that deserve a second life around your home – corks are just as useful when it comes to creating practical and stylish features for your humble abode. Whether you need a handy notice board to pin your shopping or ‘to do’ list onto, or a playful wall fixture to hang your jewellery from, there are loads of ways to put them to good use. You could even make a fun 3D sign!

If you really love your wine and collect enough corks, then why not glue them all together and make a rustic looking mat for your home? If, on the other hand, you choose to indulge only occasionally in a bottle of the good stuff, then how about a simple key ring that won’t weigh down your bag? Ingenious.


Plastic Bottles

Given that a whopping 5.2 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day in Hong Kong, it only makes sense to find a better home for them than in our city’s landfills. And while recycling and buying reusable bottles and mugs are of course great ways to help reduce our consumption of single-use plastic , there are some creative ways to put the ones that do make it into our hands to good use. Whether you’re after a place to store your loose bits and pieces, somewhere to grow your own plants, or a means of attracting birds to your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one!), these hacks might inspire you.

There’s even hope for those empty shampoo bottles sitting in your bathroom … no more tripping over your iPhone cable while it’s charging on the floor!


Metal Cans

Metals cans can be wonderfully versatile when it comes to decorating your home. Aside from making excellent pencil and crayon pots to keep your kid’s room tidy (or your own), they can be shaped and engraved to make gorgeous rustic lanterns to provide a cosy glow to your home. Whether you choose to hang them or display them on the table top, it’s certainly a cheaper option than hitting the homeware store.


Cardboard Boxes

Struggling to find ways to keep your kids entertained (and quiet) this summer holiday? No sweat, we have just the ticket. What child doesn’t love cutting up empty cardboard boxes to create a doll’s house or red post box? Better yet, you can use this hack to encourage them to do their homework by suggesting they make a handy cardboard tray table. You’d also be surprised how useful empty cereal boxes can be when it comes to finding extra storage for your flip flops and shoes!


Books and CDs

We love the ingenuity of these ideas. While hanging unwanted CDs around the garden (or balcony) is an excellent way to keep birds away from your plants (as they don’t like reflective surfaces), they have also been known to make wonderful tea light holders – give or take a few decorative additions. They also make excellent coasters. As for unwanted books, well, we’ll just leave this epic bird house here…

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!


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