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– Testimonials –


"Sophie is a dedicated, professional, and supportive editor whose passion for excellence shines through in every project she undertakes. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her during my time freelancing for Expatica, and her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality content were evident throughout our partnership."​


Deidre Olsen, Editor-in-Chief at Contentoo Award-Nominated Writer and Filmmaker


"Sophie is an incredibly skilled journalist and served as a fantastic management role model throughout our time working together, when she operated as Localiiz's Editor in Chief.

Sophie demonstrated an exceptional understanding of content strategy, reader experience, and tone. Her clear vision for the outlet's growth and emphasis on accessibility and usefulness in content creation greatly contributed to my professional development as a journalist.

Under her guidance, I acquired invaluable skills that continue to benefit me in my career today. Sophie's expertise and mentorship have had a lasting impact on me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her."

Graham Turner, Journalist at DIGIT.FYI 

"It has been a pleasure working as a freelance writer with Sophie as the managing editor. Her leadership qualities were immediately apparent from the onboarding process. Sophie clearly communicates guidelines and expectations, while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor whenever I have questions. She adeptly managed complex projects, navigating multiple timelines and stakeholders with finesse.


As an editor, she has a keen eye for detail and provides constructive feedback. The results are always a more polished, elevated version that I am proud to have my name attached to. Sophie's blend of professionalism, expertise, and supportive guidance has undoubtedly enhanced the professional growth of many writers on her team."

Megan Janicke, Freelance Content Writer | AI curious

"Sophie was my editor for several years at Expatica. She was always a pleasure to work for, taking time to answer questions and being meticulous and constructive in her feedback. I very much appreciated our collaboration."

Una Dimitrijevic, Native English Language Consultant | Interpreter, Translator and Academic Proofreader

"I've known Sophie for over six years and seen her through her roles at Localiiz Hong Kong and Expatica (in the Netherlands). In each, Sophie has been fantastic about maintaining relationships with stakeholders and freelancers, and very encouraging and supportive to her juniors. She's also a conscientious editor who is meticulous about fact-checking, dedicated to fighting misinformation and plagiarism, and eagle-eyed for good grammar. She's delightful to work with."

Gayatri Bhaumik, Journalist, Editor and Copywriter


"Sophie was managing editor and the person I was most in touch with when writing for Expatica. She’s the one who onboarded me when I started freelancing for the platform. Sophie is incredibly patient and quick with responding to questions, and she keeps freelancers well updated and engaged.

As a freelancer, I work with different people and organisations. Sophie stands out in how she’s professional yet personal in her approach. Her genuine interest, accessibility and flexibility made it a pleasure to freelance for her. She was one of the reasons I took up repeated commissions with Expatica, and I would work with her again in a jiffy if she came to me with a new assignment!"

Kriti Toshniwal, Freelance Copy Editor and Writer


"In her role as digital managing editor, Sophie was easy to work with. She gave me the space to work on articles at my own pace, and the tone of her communication was always professional yet warm and encouraging. The project we worked on was a large one, and I got the impression that Sophie was managing the considerable workload with determination, humour and grace. It would be a pleasure to write for Sophie again."

Deidre Donnelly, Freelance Writer Content Creator, Copy Editor | Copywriter


"Sophie is extremely organized, easy to work with, and has an eye for detail."

Emily Gutierrez, Content Marketing Specialist 

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