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Five Minutes With: The Beast

We go behind the scenes with the hairiest member of the Beauty and the Beast cast.

The tale as old as time hit the stage this weekend at The Venetian Theatre, Macao, dazzling the audience with magnificent scenery, inspiring choreography, extravagant costumes and musical hits that inspired an entire generation. We open the doors to the enchanted castle once again and sit down with the star of the musical spectacular, the Beast himself (aka Darick Pead).


We’ve been told this is more a show for adults than for kids. Is that because you are too terrifying for a younger audience?

I don’t know who said that, but I think this is a great show for kids. I eventually become an adorable and loving teddy bear as I transition from scary to nice. That’s why this show is good for all audiences, it’s fun and everyone loves me in the end! I actually scared myself the first time I looked in the mirror in my dressing room. I turned around and freaked out for a second because I thought someone was in the room with me … then I realised it was me!

How do you channel your inner anger to play the role of the Beast?

I know that every single one of us has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside, so I just try to focus on the Mr. Hyde part of myself. Also, I think we all tend to be meaner when we feel we aren’t being loved and that’s what is so great about Belle, she loves me and makes me understand how to love her back.

How do you cope with being so hairy in this summer heat?

I get hot and sweaty! But it’s ok, I would rather put on a Tony Award winning costume and be able to perform than wear something that doesn’t tell the story quite as well. The heat actually helps me to perform because as the Beast I’m trying to act through all of that facade to show that there is more to him than what you first see.

Can you give us any grooming tips?

Have a really great hair and makeup artist and have an excellent costumer. They work wonders!

How would you describe your ideal woman?

Wow! I would say the ideal woman would be one who can break the spell so I can become a prince again. Belle is the only woman for me!

What’s your favourite song from the show and why?

I would have to say If I Can’t Love Her as it’s the only song I sing in the show. But a song that I love to watch is Home, which is sung by Belle. It’s the moment she realises she has to live with me in my enchanted castle and it’s beautifully acted and sung. The fun numbers such as Be Our Guest are always enjoyable to watch, but for me I’m always looking at the heart of the story so the more emotional songs are my favourite.

Was Beauty and the Beast your favourite fairytale as a kid?

Actually no. The very first Disney movie I actually cried at was The Fox and the Hound. It really got to me. I don’t know what it was, but I was in my sleeping bag watching it and I wept like a baby. When I first saw Beauty and the Beast I actually wanted to be Gaston, because I thought he was really funny and way cool. He’s not my hero because I know he’s not a very nice person, but he reminds me of the cartoon character Jonny Bravo who I loved as a kid.

What can we expect to see at the show?

You can expect an amazing cast and a show that stays very true to the original movie, so if you loved the animation as a kid, you will love to watch it on stage. We have a beautiful cast who are really great gift givers, so expect to be given the best treat you can imagine … to experience the same magic you saw when you were a kid.

Where can we expect to see the Beast roaming in Hong Kong when off duty?

Wow! I’ll be heading to Disneyland this week so you might spot me trying to find my way back home to the castle.

Meet the Beast! Experience the magic for yourself at The Venetian Theatre, Macao. Beauty and the Beast runs until July 26 as part of an international tour and tickets are available to buy via Cotai Ticketing, but get in there quick as they are selling fast.


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