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The best places to go on a date in Brussels

From cooking schools and dance classes to chocolate shops and breweries, we share some of the best places to go on a date in Brussels.

Whether you’re planning that all-important first Belgian date or celebrating an anniversary, it can be tempting to just play it safe and plan dinner and a movie. But with so many fun and unique things to do in Brussels, why not shake things up and make it a real date to remember? After all, these ideas are bound to score you some major brownie points, right?

Catch a music concert

Great musicians are not in short supply in Brussels. Being a major city, it attracts some top international acts as well as local talents that are just as impressive. Whether your date enjoys rock or pop music, classical or jazz, there are numerous concerts to take them to throughout the year.

Held at some of the city’s top venues, the atmosphere of these performances is sure to make for a fun and memorable night. And it certainly beats spending another evening sitting on the sofa watching Netflix!

Dine at a tapas bar

Tapas bars are incredibly popular in Brussels among those who enjoy intimate dining with friends and family. However, they also make for great date night spots. As the saying goes, “caring is sharing”. And what better way to show your affection than by tucking into small plates of food together?

Not only is this a great way to get to know someone’s tastes, but it’s also an opportunity to be more open with your partner, and vice-versa. Tapas Locas, Le Petit Canon, and Bar du Gaspi are among the most popular tapas bars in Brussels and well worth checking out. Just make sure you leave room for a cheeky Belgian dessert afterward!

Learn some new dance moves

Swing your way into your date’s good books and take them dancing at one of Brussels’ best dance schools. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro on the dancefloor, you can find a variety of classes that suit your level. From hip-hop and jazz to salsa and tap, the possibilities are endless in this footloose city.

Not only are dance classes unique places to go on a date in Brussels, but they are also great spots to learn some impressive new moves. And even if you end up having two left feet, you’ll certainly give your partner a night to remember. After all, dancing the night away is sure to impress them more than sitting in silence at the local movie theatre!

Take a private cooking class

Want to show off your kitchen skills and impress your date? Then why not take them to a private cooking class in the city? Whether you want to whip up some waffles or gourmet cocoa treats or prepare top-quality mussels, there are plenty of cooking workshops to whet your appetites.

Some of these are hosted at restaurants such as Mmmmh!, Cook & Book, and Kitchen 151. You will have loads of fun being creative and making your own meal, before enjoying it together. And you never know, you or your date might just be the next Gordon Ramsay – or the Belgian equivalent!

Browse the local street markets

If you love to haggle, then you can always put your bartering skills to the test at one of Brussels’ many street markets. From antiques and flowers to clothes and food, there’s something to satisfy all interests. Among the most famous markets in Brussels is the Grote Markt at the Grand Place. A little tip: this is also the perfect place to pick up a beautiful floral bouquet for your date.

Meanwhile, Place du Grand Sablon is famous for its antique and book flea market. And if your date is a fan of organic food, Place Sainte-Catherine is a must-visit. Meanwhile, Marché du Midi is the largest market in Europe and the place to go for delicious Moroccan pancakes.

Sample chocolate at the Grand Place

What could be more heavenly than spending an afternoon eating chocolate? Luckily, we know exactly where to go. Located in the heart of Brussels, the Grand Place is not only famous for its stunning architecture but also for its abundance of dreamy chocolate shops. Not only is this one of the most idyllic places to go on a date in Brussels, but it is also a haven for chocolate lovers.

From cone-shaped hazelnut pralines and cocoa-dusted toolkits to fluffy marshmallow cakes and mouth-watering macaroons, you will discover some of the best confectionery in the world here. So, if your date has a serious sweet tooth, they will be in paradise when they get to sample a few delicacies from each store. Fresh buttercream champagne truffle, anyone?

Explore the beautiful parks and gardens

Getting in touch with nature and enjoying some fresh air is a great way to connect with your partner. Fortunately, Brussels boasts plenty of beautiful parks and gardens to explore. Whether you take a romantic stroll through the gardens of the Van Buuren Museum or go rollerblading through Leopold Park, there are many ways to have some fun in the sun.

Some of these parks and gardens also feature museums, nature reserves, and monuments, so keep your eyes peeled. If you time your visit well, you might also catch a free concert as these are held regularly during the summer.

Tour a local brewery

Beer and Belgium go hand in hand, so what better way to spend an afternoon than by sampling the country’s finest brews during a tour? Visiting a brewery might seem like something you would do with your drinking buddies. However, this is undoubtedly one of the best places to go on a date in Brussels if your partner loves nothing more than sipping on a freshly poured pint.

It is also a great way to take the pressure off the date, as you won’t have to guide the conversation. Whether you book a tour directly with a brewery or a local operator, you’ll get to walk around and see some really cool things. And the best part is, you’ll also enjoy a nice brew (or three) along the way.


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