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The Most Stunningly Beautiful Video of Hong Kong We’ve Ever Seen

The New Year is all about leaving the past behind us and moving towards a bright future filled with hope and optimism – so we thought it was only right that we should throw the spotlight once again on our absolute favourite video of Hong Kong – ever!

That’s a big statement we know, given the amount of incredible time-lapse and drone videos we receive every month here at Localiiz HQ, but just take a look at this beautiful, melancholy, cinematic masterpiece created back in 2014 by photography and videography hobbyist Francis So.

Titled Seen By My Eyes, the breathtaking time-lapse takes us on an epic journey across Hong Kong’s sweeping natural landscapes – all set to the hauntingly beautiful track Saturn by Sleeping at Last. It’s pretty much impossible not to get goosebumps watching this with the volume up full!

After seeing a time-lapse of the New Zealand countryside, So was inspired to create one of Hong Kong, he told Localiiz back in 2014 when we first featured the video. “I believed that I could make a time-lapse with the beautiful natural landscapes of Hong Kong, so I set myself a one year project to collect the scenes of Hong Kong, like sunrises, sunsets, sea of clouds, and starscapes,” he said.

So travelled all around Hong Kong to locations including Sunset Peak, Tai Mo Shan, Po Toi Island, Shek O, Hong Kong Astropark, and the East and West Dam of High Island Reservoir, to capture all of these amazing shots. In total, it took an entire year to shoot the footage and two weeks to edit. Clearly, creating a time-lapse is no walk in the park.

“I spent a lot of time during shooting, waiting for the sunrise and capturing the starry night. It’s very time consuming, as three hours of shooting only produces 15 seconds of video. The weather is also very unpredictable, making me lose entire days worth of possible footage,” So explains.

Thankfully, patience is his virtue — get ready for ALL THE FEELS!


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