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Top 5 Favourite Hair Salons in Hong Kong

Get ready for a makeover ladies...

As we enter a new year, many of us search for ways to revamp our look and give ourselves a bit of a makeover, and what easier place to start than with our hair. Finding a great salon that won’t bodge up our locks, however, is not so easy. Luckily, we’ve done the groundwork for you to find the best tried and tested hair salons around Hong Kong that will make you feel brand spanking new without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Sozo Hair Design

With its trendy, modern decor and minimalist design, Sozo Hair Design oozes cutting edge-style without being pretentious or trying too hard. This boutique salon is owned by one of Hong Kong’s top Japanese stylists, Yoko Hisatomi Lane, who carefully selects her team of fashionable stylists, so you know you’re in for top-notch treatment. Located on the third floor of the Worldwide Commercial Building on Wyndham Street, the salon is easy to get to and boasts an impressive view of Central, making it a great pamper spot for people-watching too.

The Japanese influence is evident in the black wooden flooring, large gold mirrors, chic swivel chairs, and white screen doors which create a clean, chic look. With its minimalist interior, you get the feeling that the real focus here is on the skills of the stylists rather than flashy, outward appearances. And you would be right too, as the studio is home to top stylists who are up-to-date on all the latest trends.

Aside from offering the usual cuts, colours, and highlights, the salon also offers specialised Japanese treatments which gives it cutting-edge appeal. Depending on the stylist, a woman’s cut ranges from $480 to $820, and a men’s ranges from $400 to $680. Definitely worth checking out if you’re after a super stylish new do.

Sozo Hair Design, 3/F Worldwide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street, Central, (+852) 2353 5025

2. O2 Hair Studio

O2 Hair Studio has been around for twenty years and there’s a good reason for this. Located on 38 Wyndham Street, the studio is home to some of the most skilled hair stylists we have ever come across in Hong Kong, who happen to be particularly savvy when it comes to creating blonde highlights and the balayage effect (read about our recent experience with the charming stylist Jerry Shiu). The studio is deceptively large and has recently undergone a funky renovation meaning you get to kick back among lush green pot plants, white brick walls, and the occasional Buddha head with creates a stylish and earthy Asian vibe.

What really stands out here is how much the team care about their clients’ hair, as well as their passion for creating beautiful looks with radiant colours and gorgeous cuts to suit their personalities – even if that means recommending something different to what clients originally had in mind. They also offer an impressive collection of after care products and can help you choose the best ones for your hair type, should you wish to invest in maintaining the colour and condition of your new do for as long as possible.

Depending on the level of stylist, a woman’s hair cut costs from $600 to $1,080, while a gentleman’s ranges from $440 to $720, which is pretty reasonable given the quality of service and expertise of the team. So, if you’re looking for great service, a skilled hand, and a stylist who cares about your hair as much as you do, O2 is the place.

O2 Hair Studio, G/F, 38 Wyndham Street, Central, (+852) 2529 6289

3. Capelli Salon by Sense of Touch

If you fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, and making a real day of it, then Capelli Salon by award-winning spa Sense of Touch is the ideal retreat. Located at the back of the spa in the beautiful Repulse Bay Arcade, this cosy salon might be limited in space but it certainly doesn’t lack in quality.

Top stylists Mike Tam and Ming Lo are always up-to-date on the latest styles and trends and work wonders to create the A-list look, and while this might not be the cheapest option around (a ladies cut starts from $700 and a full head of highlights comes in at $1,850) it’s definitely worth the extra splurge when you get to lap up the luxurious surroundings of the arcade and its adorable boutique shops.

With only five seats in the salon, you can also rest assured that all eyes will be on you. And if you really want to treat yourself, there’s always the option to pop next door to the spa and enjoy a heavenly massage or facial – another reason why this is the perfect pamper spot for some much-needed downtime.

Capelli Salon by Sense of Touch, G211, 1/F, The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, (+852) 2592 9559

4. Love Hair

Conveniently located on Wellington Street in the heart of Central, Love Hair is a boutique hair salon that specialises in healthier, more natural products and practices. From water-saving shower heads which save up to 70 percent water, to 100 percent organic hair products, this lovable hub is so committed to adopting environmentally-friendly methods in its day-to-day routines that even the toilet paper and hand wash are eco-friendly.

This ethos transcends to every part of your experience at the salon, from the moment you step through the green, rustic doors to discover a cosy, idyllic sanctuary decked with creamy walls, reclaimed wooden shelving, and eco flooring, to the time you take your first sip of fair trade herbal tea – or imported wine from sustainable farms if you fancy something a little stronger.

Creating A-list looks for clients, while playing a part in protecting the planet, is the number one goal of the Love Hair team of international stylists, which is helmed by owner Toni Sutton Marcus. The Love Hair crew are incredibly welcoming and well-trained, and make it their top priority to ensure you feel at home as they work their magic on your locks. A cut and finish here start from $600, while a colour starts from $900, making this an affordable option for those wanting to look and feel fabulous without harming the planet in the process.

Love Hair, 1F, 99F Wellington Street, Central, (+852) 2458 0190

5. Tommy Hair Design

If you’re looking for a cut or colour without spending a small fortune, then Tommy Hair Design on Lyndhurst Terrace is a winner. With no website or even Facebook page, this modestly-sized salon relies purely on word-of-mouth to secure its clientele, and although the staff are all local and speak limited English, the salon is hugely popular among westerners due to the fact that the stylists (in particular Edmond) are experts at creating gorgeous blonde highlights without burning a hole in your wallet.

A full head of highlights costs around $1,200, which is significantly cheaper than other salons on the island, making this a good option if you don’t mind scrimping on luxury, because the salon certainly isn’t as glamorous as the others on our list. However, if you’re on a tight budget after splurging during the festive season, then this is a safe bet. A simple ladies haircut and blow dry will set you back an affordable $280 (ask for Mac if you want a nice cut), while a men’s costs as little as $200 – an unbeatable price for central Hong Kong.

Tommy Hair Design, M/F, Union Commercial Building, 12-16 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, (+852) 9191 0682


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