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Affordable Art Fair Launches LEGO Hong Kong

Who says LEGO is just for kids? Photographer Ric Tse sure doesn’t. In fact, he considers them a work of art, so much so that he’s made them the stars of the show in his fantastic new panoramic shot of Hong Kong which launches at the Affordable Art Fair kicking off this Friday.

Scattered along the Avenue of Stars, the lovable figures take in the breathtaking backdrop of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline as they pose for photos, take selfies, and enjoy a stroll along the harbourfront. Along the way we encounter the kind of characters we are likely to cross paths with in the famous spot – token buskers, happy newlyweds, locals, and tourists from different countries carrying different travel magazines. Even Bruce Lee makes a guest appearance!

But getting the perfect shot certainly wasn’t a walk in the park for Tse. “This photo was planned for half a year as there were many problems that needed to be solved,” he tells Localiiz. “For example, getting a clear blue sky over Victoria Harbour does not happen very often and so I had to wait a long time for this. Another problem was finding the right props that could fit the characteristics of the harbourfront. For example, the Bruce Lee statue was initially not available in LEGO so I broke a LEGO figure and recreated it to Bruce’s signature pose.”

Well, it was certainly worth the wait and we’re loving the realistic level of detail in this masterpiece. “The photo booths along the harbourfront are another main feature that couldn’t be missed. Take a close look at them and you may find something interesting in the photos,” Tse hints. “All these took me a month of evenings to complete as I have to go to work in the daytime. I felt so satisfied after completing the panoramic as this is one of the most difficult shoots I have ever done. I hope that people have fun exploring different characters and details they can find in the photo and enjoy it as I do.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The playful photographer will be showcasing some of his legendary LEGO shots that recreate iconic, political, and historical scenes we are all too familiar with in Hong Kong. Who hasn’t seen the Rugby Sevens streaker, the endless taxi queues, the dragon boat racing, and the bamboo scaffolders at work? We even get a glimpse of the Occupy protests.

The Affordable Art Fair brings to the city thousands of fun and fresh artwork for visitors to fall in love with and take home, and we think our LEGO friends fit perfectly with the collection. Catch them at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 22-24.

Click here to find out more and buy your ticket.


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