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The 10 Best Hong Kong Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Hong Kong is every Instagrammer’s dream, and you only have to browse the Localiiz Instagram account to see that we are blessed with a wealth of talented photographers who contribute to our virtual photo album by tagging their incredible city shots with #localiiz.

So, in honour of our dedicated followers, and the photogenic city we call home, we share out pick of the 10 best Hong Kong Instagram accounts that will make you fall in love with the 852 all over again.


1. John Huang / @jsrpixel

This talented photography and video creator has a real gift for capturing Hong Kong’s stunning architecture through distinctive, atmospheric aerial shots that make the city look more like a dreamlike fantasy world than the place we shop for groceries in. The moody lighting and consistent golden hues also give the city a subtle romantic feel which makes us feel proud to call it home. Follow @jsrpixel on Instagram.

2. Michael Kistler / @mdkistler

This Minneapolis-born street photographer prefers to keep his feet firmly on the ground, snapping vibrant and energetic street scenes that celebrate iconic Hong Kong treasures such as red taxis, bustling tramlines, and hidden alleyways where hidden gems can often be discovered. We particularly love his street art captures and his signature shots in the rain, where he plays with reflections and teases us with dreamlike visions of a world masked behind water droplets. Explore Hong Kong with Michael.

3. Tricia Darling / @triciadarlingphotography

This Australian-born photographer and stylist beautifully captures the energy and spirit of Hong Kong through its people, who can often be spotted deep in thought onboard a tram, half concealed under an umbrella, or basking in the sunshine on the steps of a local 7-Eleven. People-watching is a fascinating pastime and this talented snapper manages to make it an art form. There is also a wonderful sense of tranquility in the madness, which runs consistently throughout her shots. Follow Tricia’s adventures on Instagram.

4. Wong Wai Ping / @snakewwww

From the soft surfaces of Hong Kong’s natural surroundings to the harsh exteriors of its man-made structures, our city is full of contrasting textures, shapes, and patterns, which this observant Instagrammer loves to explore with his camera. Jumping between scenic beaches and waterfalls, to crowded streets and towering skyscrapers, Wong brilliantly conveys the polarity of Hong Kong’s landscapes and the contradictory nature of the city. Take a peek at his Instagram account.

5. Bernie Ng / @itsbernie81

If there’s one photographer who can encapsulate the intensity of life in our condensed metropolis, it’s Bernie Ng. This striking Instagram account is scattered with vibrant images of Hong Kong’s Tetris-like apartment blocks and windows, which bring you to the brink of vertigo. We love his lengthy commentaries which explain the photographic composition of each skilfully captured shot, as well as the history of the location. Brace your eyes and check out his amazing shots here.

6. Josh Lin / @linjoweikitt

The people of Hong Kong are the stars of the show for Malaysian-born, “Hong Kong-grown” Instagrammer Josh Lin. Whether it’s an elderly lady taking an afternoon nap in the street, a market vendor waiting for his next customer, or a well-fed shop cat sitting perched proudly on a countertop, Josh somehow manages to find beauty in everyday, fleeting moments that he captures with cinematic flair. If you’ve enjoyed looking at photos of adorable elderly Hongkongers on our Instagram feed, then chances are they were taken by him. See more here.

7. Scott R. McMaster / @mc.untitled

If you like black and white photography, then this artist and culture enthusiast from Newfoundland is definitely one to check out on the gram. His carefully mastered shots often resemble stills from an old movie, featuring ordinary people in everyday situations. But his account is not all void of colour, as you can find vibrant captures scattered throughout, featuring Hong Kong citizens in the forefront. There’s a distinct sharpness and depth of colour to his work, which makes it all the more appealing to the eye. Take a look for yourself.

8. Michael Ho / @michael_fotoncoffee

There’s an overwhelming sense of nostalgia running through the beautiful photography of this self-confessed coffee addict. Soft golden hues and the fading afternoon sun give Michael’s shots an air of tranquility and old-world charm that is rarely found in Instagram feeds that focus on our hectic city. He even manages to make a crowded tram ride look like a meditative experience. Step back in time with Michael and take a look for yourself.

9. Lau Hau Tak / @lautak_

Hong Kong’s famous neon signs have inspired many an Instagram feed, and this talented snapper certainly knows how to make them shine in all their glory. We love his dazzling street scenes which are bursting with colour and old-school charm. And although neon is not the main theme or focus of Tak’s Instagram account, as his real fascination lies in the city’s complex architecture and infrastructure, his shots of this indelible art form are some of the best we’ve ever seen. Discover more amazing shots here.

10. Ronson Chan / @ronsonchan

Keeping things continuously fresh and interesting, Ronson has mastered the skill of changing up Instagram themes in a well-thought-out pattern. From burnt orange sunsets to towering apartment blocks, and neon-lit streets to heavy traffic flow, his account sheds light on every part of our city, while capturing its chaotic energy and beauty. We love how Ronson plays with different colour palettes, often flitting between heavily saturated shots to pale and subdued captures. Take a look for yourself.


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