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In Pictures: Hong Kong’s Most Hilarious T-Shirts

Be careful what you wear Hong Kong, the Hong Kong T-Shirt Patrol are on the prowl!

Hongkongers are often revered for their quirky sense of fashion, but one Instagrammer is celebrating their sense of humour too with their snaps of the most hilarious t-shirts seen on the streets.

Be careful what you wear people, because the @hongkongtshirtpatrolare always on the prowl for the most mysterious, awesome, funny, and unintelligible slogans in town. You've been warned!

The Beauty Conscious

Because looks mean everything ... apparently!

The Foodie

One track mind much?

The Wicked

Well don't hold back!

The Self Confessor

Well we all have our weaknesses ...

The Political

Make t-shirts, not war!

And The Downright Shocking!

Goodness ... Grandma! #TMI

Got a slogan to share? Send us your best and tag #localiizand #hongkongtshirtpatrol


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